How Things Have Changed In Only 12 Years

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12 Years On From The 26th August 2002 How Things Have Changed !!!!

We opened that morning and had a few coffees and cigarettes in the shop joined for a smoke by customers. My brother in law suggested to get an email, I thought he was mad, didn’t see the purpose not many had one. To order flowers we would receive 24 pages of flower lists by fax, twice weekly, we would fill them in and fax them back to Holland, praying the ribbon on the fax was clean

We didn’t have a computer why would you need one, they would only have been for playing games on then. Your direct method of promoting your business locally was by leaflet delivery which we did for 2 days straight the days before we opened

Mobiles were rare so you prayed someone was home on the land line when you needed directions, 088 was a top mobile digit. As it is Deb’s season I remember corsages went from dress to wrist and bands changed from velcro to beads & delmonte

Biggest change of all for us was the introduction of online shopping which we brought on stream in 2006. Proud to say we were the first in Galway with a website and with more news on that later in the week I hope you have enjoyed just a sprinkle of our past…. thank you all for your brilliant support.

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