The Art Of Floristry ….. Or Is It ?????

Posted by shanetree 15/06/2015 1 Comment(s)

The Art Of Floristry ….. Or Is It ?????


I find it sad to receive price lists for pre made bouquets for Mother’s Day. While this is not a new practice I find it a disgrace to the trade.

In a nutshell International Floral Relay Companies advertise massively. People place orders and the order is passed to local shops. These shops can buy the particular named bouquet direct from Holland pre made and pre wrapped.


Lets be fair floristry is an art, a trade it’s about creativity. Why make it cheap make your own. That is supposed to be the difference because a professional Flower Shop and a bunch from your local store where this is the practice we all know and expect.


With so many beautiful flowers out there such as Heliconia, Ginster, Orchids and of course lilies , roses and more who wants a bunch of evil yellow eyed chrysants with carnations and a little bit of say a hyacinth flower to fancy it up in there thousands.


Love my thought or hate it, I say bring back real floristry, clean and condition your own flowers, prep them and arrange them yourself if you are a real professional florist. Also it would see more employment here not just for Mother’s Day but throughout the year.


We all use set pictures on line but here at Knocknacarra Florists Galway we hand make each and every floral product that leaves our store and we are proud of our work. Substitute policy allows flexibility.


So happy shopping this Mother’s Day and remember watch out for the evil yellow eyed chrysant Laoise

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Marie k:
05/05/2016, 12:22:40 AM

As always very well written

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