Sun, Sand, Snots & Sneezes Oh Yeah It's Summertime !!!

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Sun, Sand, Snots & Sneezes Oh Yeah It's Summertime !!!

But it isn't all miserable, you can still have a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Knocknacarra Florists ........
Well in particular when your florist has an asthmatic allergy to pollen and truly knows what is evil and what is good smile emoticon

So here are a few for my fellow sufferers .... yes you can have your flowers and sniff them smile emoticon

Hydrangeas are good, beautiful large headed blooms in an array of colours and they are allergy friendly.

Love lilies well all is not lost, there are now pollen free lilies been sold.... you could also take the normal lily and quiet simply remove the stems of pollen from each flowers, however you would need to do this before they pop.. so perhaps the pollen free ones are the better choice.

Chrysanthemums are on the up, there is now a new hybrid form of daisy referred to as a formal double. These chrysants are all petal, the parts that used to produce pollen have now been manipulated to produce mass petals so the pollen has been removed from the flower.

Similar to the Chrysanthemum the Gerbera Daisy is another flower that has new breeds whose centres have been turned into masses of petals reducing the pollen to almost zero.

Orchids are a great flower to give also, these guys produce almost no pollen so they are a top choice. Another exotic the anthurium is also people friendly when it comes to pollen. In general exotic flowers are excellent as a low to no pollen flower.

Roses are another good choice, the thing about florist's roses is the pollen is so large it is unable to become airborne. However there maybe tiny traces not sufficient to bother you but at the same time stay away from the fragrant ones just to be sure you allergy proof your selection.

Snapdragons and phlox and double headed gypsophilia are a few more you can add to the mix.

So bring it on Mr Sunshine .... we are ready for you.... everyone deserves to be able to enjoy flowers; so if you have someone special who deserves a treat just give a few days notice to Knocknacarra Florists and let us know of the allergy...

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