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As February 14th 2016 approaches let's look at all the fuss and start from the beginning of this love filled day.

February 13th is fast earning the title of Mistresses Day. Oh yeah the 13th is reserved for the other one, as on the 14th a man is "required" to take his partner/wife out on Valentine's Day. 
So late at work, phone on silent, all day getting a gift and other well rehearsed excuses has over time started to unravel to revealed just what is really going on. 


Of course we all know February 14th is Valentine's Day. Men of the world make this day special for so many women.
73% of men will purchase a beautiful fresh flower bouquet. In and around 200 million roses will be produced and just over 180 million Valentine's Cards will be exchanged. 
Chocolates and flowers go almost hand in hand on this romantic day with chocolates making up around 50% of gifts purchased for Valentine's Day.

So after all that what happens ??? Well February 15th is fast becoming D Day, or quite simply Divorce Day when a surge happens in divorce proceedings.

Oh lets hope you were not part of the I forgot.. or are with one of the 53% of women who said he is out if he forgets me on Valentine's Day. 
It is believed that a lot of people thinking of divorce really take stock on the 14th and go for it the next day and so February is a very busy month for the legals.....

Not sure about the 13th but at Knocknacarra Florists we can make the 14th a very Happy Valentine's Day and perhaps help to keep the 15th quieter. 
It isn't all about roses with such a bright and pretty world of flowers don't forget lilies, gerberas, tulips, orchids and the much loved Bird of Paradise are just a sprinkle of what you buy in the world of Floristry.

DONT FORGET!!!! Have A Happy Valentintes Day

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