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Sunflowers Always say Summer No Matter the Weather
Helianthus is the scientific name for Sunflower, Heli for Sun and Anthus for flower.
Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowers, growing anywhere from 7 to 12 + feet in a few months. The record for the tallest is just over 25 feet, What country owns this record The Netherlands of course since 1986.
The sunflower is the national flower of Russia and that's where the most sunflowers are grown.
Heliotropism is one of the best known traits of the sunflower, it's where the head tracks the movement of the sun.
Sunflowers also provide us with food, loved for there seeds and used to make oil they are also rich in calcium. One sunflower can have over 2000 seeds.
With over 50 varieties of sunflowers grown across the world this is really a beautiful and interesting flower.
My favourite is the Teddy Bear Sunflower on the right that looks like a pompom ... So if the sun fails us in the coming months there is always sunflowers !!!!!!

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2 Comment(s)

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